Mostly True By Bill Daniel


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Bill Daniel spent 16 years researching and filming his movie Who's Bozo Texino?, a film that investigates and discovers the identity of the man behind one of America's most notorious and well-known boxcar monikers - Bozo Texino. In the process, he collected a wealth of documentary photographs, interviews, and lore from the hobo jungles of America. As he peeled off the layers of the rail-riding underground, he came across other legendary scrawlers such as: Colussus of Roads, Coaltrain, and Herby.
Mostly True is a testament to a by-gone era and pays homage to the infamous nobodies who for the last 60 years decorated America's freight-trains. The result is a beautiful book (and film). If that wasn't enough the cover of Mostly True was designed and illustrated by none other than contemporary grafitti legend Barry McGee.

* NOW in it's second edition, this newly expanded version of the book has features on Deuce Seven, Swampy, Joey Alone, The Polaroid Kidd and tons of new photos. This is a truly beautiful piece of printed matter.

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